COVID paused Mecklenburg’s courts.

It’s midmorning in Courtroom 4170 at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. On a prepandemic weekday, this would be a crowded scene: dozens of attorneys and defendants packing the wooden benches, all waiting for their chance to see the judge.

Judicial Spotlight: Judge Matt Osman

Before returning to Charlotte, the city where he was born and raised, Judge Matt Osman served for more than six years as a Judge Advocate General in the United States Navy, a career that sent him to Asia, Europe, and then back to the Carolinas.

Fraternal Order of Police

Judge Matt Osman has diligently served the citizens of Mecklenburg County since being elected as a district court judge in 2010. His judicial temperament, ethics, impartiality, and experience has earned him the respect of his peers, law enforcement officers and attorneys who appear before him.

View from the Bench: Honorable Matt Osman

The Honorable Matt Osman discusses how our courts work, how issues are resolved, and his path towards becoming a judge. If you are a law student, practicing attorney, or just interested in the law and how things work in court, we think you’ll find Judge Osman’s insights and perspectives enlightening.

Questions you’ve always wanted to ask a Judge

The Honorable Matt Osman discusses the responsibilities associated with serving as a District Court Judge in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Listen and learn from Judge Osman’s perspective.

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